Why You Should Not Over Edit Photos To Change A Models Shape or Body

Editing is a vital part of the photography and remains in constant use because it’s very rare that you get the perfect shot straight out of the camera. Photoshop is the tool used to make photos from good to great but over-editing in photoshop can harm your photos. Editing is an example of the creativity of a photographer.  You should know the difference between editing and over-editing but this art comes with much practice. It is not possible to keep in mind every detail of the shot, so the post-processing of the pictures is important.

Editing is the most important process that makes your images more alive and more impactful to the viewers. Too much editing will ruin your shots because you always want a natural-looking photo. Over-processing of your images makes it unnatural and no one likes to see these photographs. In this article, Haythem Lafhaj gives some tips on editing and also tell you that when to stop because it is important to know when editing has become over-editing.

Over-editing is distracting

Editing is the art and no one can notice the post-processing if you are an expert in this. But if viewers notice your post-processing work and your adjustment are the reason for their distraction from the subject or image then that’s kind of a fail.

Lost of details

Lightroom and Photoshop are the two software used for editing purpose. Too much editing is responsible for removing the details from your photos.  When you are adjusting the exposure that brightens up your image too much then you lose your highlights. This will add too much black in your photo and also shadow nuance is gone. Editing is not only affecting the details but also reduce the quality of the images.

Plastic skin

Skin smoothing is one of the popular things now-a-days because no one wants that deep wrinkles, acne, large pores, etc. are clearly visible in their photographs and spoil it. But this is also true that no one wants plastic skin. So it is important to lower the opacity to keep the look natural.

Over sharpening

In the case of digital photography, your digital images need sharpening. So that for photos look great. Sharpening takes an in-focus photo.  Blurry and out of focus photos does more harm. If you add too much sharpening then this makes your photo look rough and gritty.

Alien eyes

Perfect sparkle in the eyes with the natural look and not looking fake can be tricky. Don’t overuse this effect and try to maintain the natural look. If you overuse this effect then with overdone eye feature, you look like a creature from another planet.        

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Preetika Sharma