What is Raw in photography?

Raw is a file format that captures all image data. These data are recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. There are two types of format that are Raw and JPEG. It is recommendable that you should shoot in Raw because format like JPEG image information is compressed and lost. You are able to produce higher quality images by using the format like Raw. Particular file format depending on the type of camera you are using and the file most likely contains either 12-fit or 14-bit data.

Shooting in Raw is definitely the first choice for the portrait photographer. You need practice and patience to get the amazing and perfect photo. The main aim of the photographer is to get in right in camera. You can use computer software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to convert your image. Raw is a clearly superior file format.

Advantages of Raw

There are many advantages of Raw over JPEG. It helps in making in editing, easily alter the white balance, processing images on a computer, etc.

Highest level of quality

To get the highest level of quality, you should shoot in Raw because if you shoot in Raw you record all of the data from the sensor. High quality is responsible for awesome images.

There is a difference between Raw and JPEG processing. If you shoot in JPEG, the camera automatically processed the Raw information into JPEG. If you shoot in Raw, you are able to do that processing yourself.

Greater levels of brightness recoded

There are levels of brightness in an image. There is a number of steps from the black of white in an image. Raw records between 4096 to 16384 levels whereas JPEG records 256 levels of brightness. The effect of brightness on your image is huge but do not reduce the quality of an image.

Non-destructive editing

You don’t have to worry about the image originality. If you make adjustment o a Raw file than you can always reset your adjustment and make changes whenever you want. JPEG files lose quality every time you open them but in case of Raw files you easily start over again.

Adjustment of white balance

When you shoot in Raw than the white balance is still recorded because it’s easy to adjust. But in the case of JPEG, the white balance is applied to the image. To make an awesome image, white balance and color are essential. Shooting in Raw lets you make the adjustment faster with better results.

It is easy to process Raw files and this helps you to get the best quality image. I hope these advantages of Raw shared by Haythem lafhaj has cleared things up a bit and if you like this post share your views with us in the comment section.

Preetika Sharma