Use of Light as an Important Technical Aspect in Photography

Lighting is the deciding factor, so it is necessary to control and manipulate light correctly in order to get the best images. Light can be bright, dull, hard, soft, sunlit, cloudy, sunrise, and midday. Digital cameras with automatic mode, automatically choose aperture and shutter speed that can measure how much light is being reflected the camera.  But that doesn't mean that’s all. You should also consider the angle of light, contrast, shadow and highlights accurately, so you can create stylized professional looking photographs.

The effect of light whether it is an actual ray of light or artificial lights can look very impressive. In photography, it is important to find a light source because light will make a difference in how your subject looks. Color of the light depending on the source and the quality of light will affect how the subject looks. The use of light in the photography is very important, if the photographers keep experimenting with different ways of using the light they can get very interesting results. There are different types of lights such as front lighting, diffused lighting, back lighting, side lighting, and artificial lighting.  

Front Lighting

It is the most common way to work with the light by positioning your subjects so the light shines them straight. Flash is the most common form of front lighting. Soft front lighting can be very flattering and bright front lighting can be very harsh.


It is so interesting because backlighting can create dramatic photos and they are opposite of a standing photo. If you use backlighting than put the light directly behind your subject because when you shoot front the front,  the subject will remain dark. Example of this type of lighting is Silhouettes.

Side Lighting

This type of lighting can produce an eye-catching effect and best for stand- out portraits. If you are using the side lighting then this will put part of the subject in light and part in the shadow. One of the most popular poses is to position your subject in front of a window. Professional photographers use a reflector to reduce the sharp edges and fill in the shadows.

Diffused Lighting

Diffused lighting is usually used for natural pictures. It’s a soft light and can be produced by the sun shining through clouds, shade of trees, and light bouncing off a ceiling.

Artificial Lighting

The use of artificial lighting gives you complete control over the direction, the strength of light, etc. and you can these light sources around. Four common types of artificial light sources used for photography are incandescent, fluorescent, LED and studio strobe.

The word photography comes from photo means light and graphy means writing. This word explains everything that how much photography is important to create interesting and exciting photos.         

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