Top Eight YouTube Channels That Can Help Your Photography

Photography is challenging and not the easiest thing to learn. However, the use of social media in photography has become prevalent, and this thing helps many people. Most photographers share their knowledge and stories via videos and images on social media. You don’t need expensive cameras. You just need a camera that shoots video and the Internet. Anyone can have an audience but to become a successful photographer and Youtuber; you have to put effort, practice daily and the most are commitment.

This article by Haythem Lafhaj includes the list of eight photography channels on YouTube that you should be watching right now. These channels will help you as well as inspire you.

DigitalRev TV

It is the YouTube channel of DigitalRev media. DigitalRev is an online store and a Hong Kong-based photography retailer and social media platform. It is a content producer and also referred to as Top Gear of Photography. This is a popular channel and most-watched photography program that attract about 1.4 million subscribers.


If you want to learn how to edit photos with photoshop and Lightroom, then follow this channel. This is one of the most popular channels. The duration of each video is about 5 to 20 minutes.

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

Tony and Chelsea are the best photographers and professional in their work. These husband and wife photography duo dig deep into the technology and personalities of photography. This channel shares new tips, tutorials that will help the people to master photography.


It is the New York-based camera store named as Adorama. They have their YouTube channel, and over 1500 videos are uploaded on this channel. In this channel, you can find beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials. This will help you become a better photographer.


It is an effective store for photographers. Also, it’s an online magazine. It stands for the Cooperative of Photography. This Youtube channel is newly created but, amazingly, this channel attracts over 30 million views. Ideas and tips shared through videos will help you to become a better photographer.

B&H Photo Video

B&H operating the largest camera store. This store is located in the US. They also run a Youtube channel that contains over 1300 videos. You can learn tips and tricks that will help you with photography.

SLR Lounge

This is one of the most popular YouTube channels and it is the extension of SLR blogs. SLR lounge uploaded videos showing tutorials that will help you to capture some stunning pictures. If you have an interest in wedding and portrait photography, then follow this channel.

The Art of Photography

This is the famous YouTube channel created by Ted Forbes. It gives a new perspective to the photographer and helps you to create amazing images. You can learn here about the history of photography and many different types of techniques.

Preetika Sharma