Top 7 Things To Know About Event Photography

Photographing events is quite challenging but capturing someone's lifetime moment is fun. Prior photography experience is highly recommended. The size or location of the event can vary, but the main focus of your job is to make some great images. Mingling with people who are having fun, capture drama, beautiful color is amazing and shooting events can be glamorous work. Keep one thing in your mind that don’t ininterrupts anyone. Let them enjoy. But don’t miss the memorable moments that should be captured in your camera.

Here is the Haythem Lafhaj share the 7 things you should know about event photography that take your images to the next level. Here are some tips for nailing a shoot, whether it is a small family gatherings, weddings, concert, etc.


If you want to take awesome photos at the event. You should keep some important things in your mind such as do your research, have a photography list and prior discussion with your clients about your dress. This will improve your event photography as well as save your time.

Right Gear

Gear can make or break your event photography so it is important to choose the right gear. The selection of your equipment depends on the venue that whether the event takes place outdoors or indoors. Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, batteries, memory cards, etc. are some important gears.

Take Pre-event Photos

Arrive before the time, talk to the guest and build a good relationship with them at the event. This thing makes a comfort zone between you and the guest. This will help you to take awesome pre-event shots.


Take Action Shots

The most important thing in event photography that you should be quick and always ready to take a shot. Action shots are interesting and look amazing. Bride throwing her bouquet is one of the examples of an action shot.

Shoot in Raw Image Format

If you want high-quality photos than always you have to shoot in raw. This format records all the data from the sensor and helps to produce good-quality photos in low light situations. The adjustment of JPEG format is quite hard as compared to Raw format. Most of the photographers prefer this format to get high-quality photos.

Be Punctual

Professionalism is the most important thing. Don’t get late. Arrive early because your first impression is punctuality. If you are not punctual than this definitely will affect your business.

Candid shots

Natural-looking photos are the best because it shows your personality. Candid shots give you beautiful photos that your clients will cherish the most. Don’t take the unflattering candid moments. Look for memorable moments.

Next time if you get a chance to photograph an event and want awesome photographs than try out these tips. I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Preetika Sharma