Top 5 reasons to wear unique tie

“The best way to stand out from the crowds is to be memorable and with good story” 

For Personal Branding:

Wearing unique tie is not only about looking good, but its introducing and expressing yourself. You can express yourself with your unique tie collection as a shining star. If your tie clicks with your appearance, with what you are or where you going. You look professional, and definitely your neck tie will do your personal branding, like what you do and how much you enjoy it.  Mejoy Lawson owner of US based company Fafadji ,  who is delivering best quality of ties with the aim to enable a man to express himself using fashion. So, if you are looking to express your personality as a shining brand, you may want to visit his online store. 

Being the example:

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I agree that we should not judge anyone on appearance, but it’s a fact that appearance matters. Everyone likes to be reflected as a positive example in a group. This is a very positive stimulus, you can easily motivate others with your act. No, it's not about giving men fashion tips or teaching them how to dress. It is about showing them how much important is to dress good and how much positive vibes you can get from it. According to research a person who is well dressed is more likely to get a job as compared to a person who is not well dressed. Yes, we should not judge others by appearance but at times it matters.  At Fafadji you can select over a wide range of formal and informal ties. If you are looking for ties that help you stand out and reflect positivity, this is the place for you. 

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Look Good:

Without saying it’s well established it is the main reason for wearing a tie. Who does not want to appear in best form him/her self? A unique tie will not only help to look better, it will also speak for you and will put you in higher position.  Also, you need to understand the idea of using well suited tie. It will increase your confidence and will help you to put more trust in yourself in different situations. 

At Fafadji we want to assure you that wearing our ties in ninety nine percent can produce a big expectation in other people about you. Because it helps to put your image on them in a very positive. So why are you waiting for? Let us get you a tie which expresses you. 

Symbolize Nobility:

Since decades wearing suit and tie is related to nobility, order and of course honor. King Louis was so obsessed with the tie he started to wear it as a symbol of style item. In the same way that glasses can help you look smart ties can help you look decent and Nobel. It can help you look more influential. If you wear unique tie with confidence people around you will believe that you posses certain qualities. Why not wear it, if such a small piece of fabric can have such a high impact on people around us. So, if you are looking to appear Nobel, influential and distinguished? Buy a tie and what best place can it be other than Fafadji , whose staff understand your requirements and can provide you with tie that is just for you.

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Tie can make a very good professional look. Even you work at place which is casual, a tie can make you look more professional, presentable and serious about your work. You can impress your boss as well as colleagues by letting them know that you are the kind of person that put little extra efforts in his looks by wearing a unique tie like a skinny tie available at Fafadji. You want to look professional regardless of how junior or senior you are in a company? Wear a professional tie.  

Certainly, men use different neckties for various reasons, including but not only limited to style and fashion. According to heads of Human Resources when asked. Haythem Lafhaj one of the top photographers of New York. A nice suit, watch, with amazing shoes men feel compatible it’s the power of tie that gives person confidence.  So today we are going to present five different reasons why you should wear unique tie, and some unique ties so you can use to express yourself. 

Haythem Lafhaj