Top 12 Toddler/ Baby Modeling Agencies

When you have decided to get your child into the modeling profession then the next question arises is what are the top baby modeling agencies? Capture some great pictures of your baby and send them off to several agencies. If you want a great start then get in contact with a reliable model agency that works with the baby brands.


Here Haythem Lafhaj shares the list of top 12 toddlers/ baby modeling agencies that help you to get your child into modeling.

  1. Future Faces NYC

This agency is great with an excellent reputation. This is one of the top baby modeling agency. Future Faces NYC is a reputed agency, so it receives hundreds of submissions daily. You should have something unique or amazing in your photograph to get selected by this agency. Because they handpick each model with the certainty of success. Everyone wants to be represented by the best and it is not easy to make space for yourself in this competitive world. 

2. Wilhelmina Kids and Teens

It was found by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper in 1967. This agency is located in New York City represents newborns to teenagers. Wilhelmina is not a small agency. So it’s a good choice to represent your baby by a great agency that carries a lot of prestige.

3. Marla Dell Talent

This is an agency located in San Francisco. It is a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency. Marla Dell Talent is an amazing agency for models, actors, and kids. This agency worked with international clients and also with hundreds of Bay Area.

4. NYLO Model and Talent Agency

It is a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency. It gives opportunities to every age of people from 4 to 65+ years models. They mainly focus on building a strong relationship with clients.

5. Models Inc.

They accept submissions of interested people via email. This agency put forward the talented teens, fit models and babies/children to make their career in modeling. 

6. Eden Talent Agency

This amazing agency is located in Colorado. It represents talented models to the Colorado area to local clients. Eden Talent Agency gives chance to new talent. They represent a baby, men, and female models. They only take online submissions.

7. FRONT Management

It represents the freshest faces and it includes all the models like men, women, children, plus-size models. This is associated with top brands. 

8. Shirley Hamilton Talent

They accept the submission of interested people via mail. They represent a diverse group such as kids, men, and women models.

9. Alexis Crystal Stevenson Modeling Agency

ACSMA is a modeling agency located in DC. it is a great agency to represent talented kids.

10. LA Models

This is the powerful and largest agency on the west coast found in the 1980s. 

11. Look Model Agency

This agency ensures the success and happiness of clients. They take web submission. It was established in 1986.

12. Porsche Models International

This agency has many branches. They accept online submission. They have an office in Miami and New York.

Modeling is an amazing and exciting choice. It is important to search for the right modeling agency. Don’t forget that your attitude should be good to become a successful model. Make your modeling portfolio so that you can show your amazing photographs. I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Preetika Sharma