Technical Aspects For Effective Street Photography

Street photography is the genres of photography and all about capturing everyday life on the street.  It is also sometimes called Candid Photography. It needs an artistic vision and a sense of timing. If you capture the exact moment in time then the ordinary thing becomes extraordinary. It includes portraiture, documentary, and landscape photography. If you love traveling then there are opportunities to practice everywhere.

Street photography is a broad subject and also challenging one to test your camera skills. In this photography, subjects are not aware of the shoot so you have to shoot confidently and also respectful when out shooting. In this type of photography, photographers have different opinions, styles, and different techniques are involved to capture amazing photographs on the street.  You must know where you want to set up your camera so that you can operate it without thinking.

Street photography is the game of time because if you are busy in changing camera setting or checking something can responsible for the loss of the moment.  Here are some tips by Haythem Lafhaj to develop your street photography skills.

Research about location

Before visiting the location you have to do some research about the markets, cafes, bars and other places where people gather to socialize to capture amazing photos.

Using simple equipment

It’s not necessary to use a large camera, you can also use small and light cameras. DSLR with a long zoom lens can produce great pictures but it is difficult to carry it and also hard to be inconspicuous and blend in.

Mirrorless compact cameras are quite popular because they are small, light, and have the same sensor and technical specifications as DSLRs.

Closer to the subject

Most of the photographers shoot with a telephoto lens but the shooting with wide-angle lens help you to get close to the subject. This thing creates a sense of being there in a moment.

Editing of pictures

Capturing photos and then checking the results on your camera can slow you down and also responsible for distraction. Be ready every time when you see something interesting and then move to the next opportunity. Always carry an extra memory card with you because it can hold hundreds of shots. So that you don't need to delete shots instantly when you are out on location.

Shoot in black and white

This can give your photos a classic look and also suppress background distractions. It also gives a sharp look to your images.

Looking for contrasting or related background

Street photography involves the whole environment. Both subject and background are important in street photography. Highlight your subject with a meaningful or related background. Sometimes contrasting background has a great impact on your photos and can also make a strong visual statement.

Preetika Sharma