Technical Analysis of Photograph

Now-a-days, photographs are everywhere and can have deeper meanings because when we look most of the photographs, they say a thousand words.   Before you think about your creativity, you have to learn the technical part of photography. This will make your photography amazing. If you know every component of the camera then it will help you to capture the striking photographs. Equipment and other accessories that required in photography like a sturdy tripod, rain covers, good polarizer, etc. are important to get a perfect picture.  

There are some technical aspects of photography that define a photograph. These aspects are measurable or identifiable. Haythem Lafhaj explains each aspect clearly so that you can understand the importance of every aspect of photography. All the photographs will not be critically impacted by all of the five criteria. For example, Subject’s eyes should be in focus in nice portrait and some abstract images are more about colors, tones, and contrast.

Here, the five most important technical aspects are:


The main aim of focus and autofocus is to make a specific object the man focal point blurring out any background which may distant from the focal point.  However, manual focus is more precise than autofocus.

Depth of Field

It is the distance between the nearest and furthest objects. It is the zone of acceptable sharpness within the photo and varies from photo to photo. Some have small zones of focus - Shallow depth of field and some have the large zone of focus - deep depth of field.


It is the amount of light which reaches your camera sensor. It acts as a deciding factor that how bright or dark your pictures appear. There are three factors that affect the exposure that is shutter speed, aperture and camera ISO.


It is a component of light which is separated when a light strike on the object then it reflected off. Color depends on the wavelength of the reflected light. You have to consider three properties if it is about a specific color that is Hue, Value, and Saturation.


It refers to the degree of difference between the elements in an image. It is of two type- Tonal contrast and color contrast. The difference is achieved by these two types that compose the image. Higher and Lower contrast gives a different feel to the image.

It is important to know what makes your image a good one or bad one. So, it is essential to learn the basic technical aspects of photography. Haythem Lafhaj is a well-known photographer and is here to help you. Read this article and get some information related to Photography technical analysis.  If you find this information useful then please share this article.

Preetika Sharma