Photography Terms For The Beginners

Photography is a tough task but before capturing photos it is important to understand the basic photography terms, their meaning and also improve the skill as a beginner photographer. For a beginner photographer, there is so much to learn such as camera settings, lighting setup, composition and so on.

Haythem Lafhaj explain some of the most technical terms used in the photography that you should know.


This is the most common term in photography. For the determination of exposure three settings needed that is Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. This is the variable opening in the lens that allows the light to pass through it and strike onto the camera sensor. Larger opening allows more light to pass through it to get a lighter image. It is measured in f-stops. f/1.8 is a small f-stop result in wide opening and large f-stop like f/22 result in the narrow opening.

Aspect ratio

It is the ratio of the height to width in an image and also refers to the shape, format of the image produced by the camera. You can crop it to other aspect ratios and many digital cameras offer the option of switching the aspect ratios.


It refers to the intentionally out-of-focus areas in a photograph. It is used in portrait photography. This technique is used to draw attention to the person and also create a creative background that attracts the audience. Bokeh has an interesting effect on the images.

Burst Mode

You capture the photos one by one but by turning the burst mode on, as long as you hold the button the camera will continue snapping photos. This will give you a variety of photos.

Chromatic Aberration

Another name for chromatic aberration is color fringing. It occurs when the lens fails to focus on all the colors at the same point and most noticeable around the edges of high-contrast images.

Exposure Compensation

It works on semi-automatic mode to create an amazing effect on an image. It adjusts the overall brightness of the final image. In exposure compensation, modifying the shutter speed or aperture and used the camera in shutter priority or aperture priority mode. This helps to adjust your exposure of the camera according to your need that is you need the exposure to be lighter or darker. Exposure compensation is used to adjust the proper exposure.


Preetika Sharma