Lesson on Food Photography

Food is an excellent and versatile subject. Food photography is the best way to show your creativity because good lighting and composition can create great artistic results. Food photography has to follow specific rules like other photography genres. It is an interesting subject but also challenging because it needs the perfect balance of technical and artistic skills. Photographer has to show food in a realistic and favorable way. The amazing thing in food photography is that it induces a physical response from the viewers.

Article on lesson on food photography by Haythem Lafhaj helps you to develop artistic as well as technical skills and these skills will also help you to take stunning photos anywhere and anytime. The important things in food photography are food storytelling, food styling, scene composition, photo shooting, image processing, and sharing.

Food photography techniques used by food photographers to make food look appealing in ads. Food photography includes cropping, propping, camera angle, focus,  lighting, shape, and texture. The knowledge of these things helps you to create incredible photos.

Three types of food photography are Packaging, Advertising, and Editorial.

Packaging Food Photography

It is the most technical and tedious type as compare to other food photography types. When you are shooting for food photography, there are strict rules that have to be followed. Lighting must be relatively flat. It is important that you have to show maximum details in your photo.  There is no need for special effects. Most details of the shoot should be pre-determined such as cropping, propping, and background. Packaging food photography is the toughest one.

Advertising Food Photography

Advertising food photography is less tedious than packaging food photography. It is restrictive because of layout parameters. It includes food ads, product brochures, menus, etc. You have to think about the end result before starting the shoot that what you want in the end. Photographers can also take advantage of props and lighting special effects.

Editorial food photography

This type of food photography is loved by most of the food photographers. The main aim of this photography is to make a beautiful image. The image should have the ability to attract viewers. The image has to be well composed, beautifully styled and nicely propped to get the amazing photo in the end.

I hope this article helps you to develop the skill of taking delicious food photos. This also helps you to gain more interest and confidence that you need to take stunning food photos that get noticed. Food photography is an art and for the development of your skills, you need continual practice. If you like this post then please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Preetika Sharma