Is Social Media Ruining The Photography

Social media is the most powerful tool. Time and effort is the most important thing to make stunning images. It is very easy to share your photos with the help of the social media platform. There are different types of social media networks used by millions of people, such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube, etc. Keep one thing in your mind, to get the attention of the people you should upload the high-quality content. The poor understanding of equipment, editing and technology will destroy your photos.


Photography is both creative and interesting. It is an art form. Without basic photography skills, you can destroy your image. Everything has its positive and negative aspects. People now run behind social media and forget about books, magazines and art galleries. If you use photography skills and social media in the right way then you get the success and appreciated by many people.

Use your creativity to make amazing images. Don’t damage your photos. Experiment with different social media platforms to see what you get in the end. Haythem Lafhaj is here to clear your query. Is social media ruining or destroying the photography? Read this article to gain more information about social media and photography.

Social media aesthetics

Today, people show their work and passion with the help of social networks instead of books, art galleries, and magazines. Your photography style or editing style was seen by many people. Many people copied the same style and share it again. This results in homogenous photographs.


The gatekeepers of social media

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photographs and it’s like a home for many photographers. you can also follow the people that share the pictures you are interested in.  Facebook and Twitter are the other platforms that work the same as Instagram. Social media is flooded with thousands of homogenous photographs. So it is difficult to make space in this competitive world. Social media is a great way to show work. But it is difficult to find unique images and amazing creativity.

If you approach social media correctly then definitely social media has a lot of advantages. A combination of photography skills and new technologies help to create a unique, beautiful and amazing picture. Positively use social media and learn from your mistakes. Capture every moment, enjoy the shoot and don’t ruin your photography.  I hope you like this article and please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Preetika Sharma