How To Take Photos In The Dark Places

Photography means drawing with light. Darkness is the biggest enemy of photography. The image sensor in your camera trying to capture the light, if the light is less than you get the terrible image. It is difficult to capture shoot photos in a dimly lit club or at a camping site. It is important that you know your basic to get an awesome image. No matter how good in your work but taking photos inside a club or in a dark room is one difficult challenge. Incredible dramatic images can be created by using darkness, so don’t be afraid of the dark and take it as a challenge. It is quite interesting to shoot in the dark.  

Here are some photography tips by Haythem Lafhaj that help you to get a better picture in the dark. He will show you how to set the camera Using your camera setting other than the flash can improve your nighttime photographs.

The lens with a wide aperture

When you are shooting in low light or dark place than it is important to use a lens with a wide aperture. Light travels through the lens aperture and gets to the image sensor in your camera. More light is passed through the larger aperture as compared to the small aperture. Lens aperture should be at least f/4 or lower.


This is used to measure the sensitivity of the image sensor in your camera. Higher the number more will be the sensitivity of the image sensor. Adjust your camera settings manually. Don’t go above 1600 because if you cross this value than your photos look grainy. Keep this thing in your mind that doesn’t set your ISO too high. This will result in a pixelated and noisy image.

Shutter speed

It is important to set your camera setting and adjust the exposure time manually. You have to reduce the shutter speed. So you can take long exposure shots. If you are shooting in complete darkness than go with a five-second exposure. If you are shooting a nightclub or dimly lit club than go with a two-second exposure.

Camera stability

You will need to take a  longer exposure. Everything must be still because any camera motion can affect the quality of the image. Use the tripod, this equipment will help you to keep the camera still and you get a better picture instead of blurry pictures. Some cameras and lenses have stabilization features.

Light source

Avoid flash because it just ruins the existing lighting and also responsible for distraction. If there is any natural light around you then use it to your advantage. Look for a light, position your subject at the right place where you get the best angle to get a fantastic image.

I hope you like this topic and these tips will help you to get great photos in dark places. Please share your views with us in the comment section.


Preetika Sharma