How To Take Great Photos of a Musician or a Band

Photoshoots are a necessary part of a musician or a band life due to several reasons such as they need photos for their album covers, social media, press, and so on. Knowledge of gear and how to get proper exposure is applied to every kind of photography. This is the basis for every picture you take. There are many factors that you have to keep in mind in order to get the pictures that you want. Photos are the first visual impression of you and your music because people do judge books by their covers.  

Most of the people like to photographed with their instrument because it’s part of who they are.  In order to get great shots, you need the right clothes, the right equipment, the right setting, the right expression and the right photographer to capture the amazing photos of the musician or band. You have to decide whether you want concert or live photos or a separate photoshoot in the studio or any other location. Interaction with band members or musician help you to determine what type of pictures they want and the main purpose of this photoshoot.

This is the step-by-step guide to take great photos of a musician or a band shared by Haythem Lafhaj. These tips will help you to create amazing portraits of musicians and also help you to create creative photos without making them awkward.

Get a healthy mix of photos- Landscape vs. Portrait orientation

If you want proper photoshoot then you have to try different looks, settings, horizontal and vertical shots, solo shots, a range of moods and so on. Photoshoot with every possible option can help the publication and editor to access the images they need.

Close-ups of the action

Get close-ups of the hands as they play to give the creative look to your photos because hands are used to play most of the instruments. Fingers on a flute, or hands on the neck of a guitar and so on help to creates beautiful action photos. So try to focus on these details to get an incredible photo.  These photos are really the storytelling photos. If their hands are moving too quickly and you are not able to focus on hands then ask them to freeze for a moment.

Good composition and high resolution

Photographing a group can be hard as compared to a solo photo. Keep one thing in your mind that your photo doesn’t end up looking like someone wedding photos. The positioning of each member of a band is important. Take different shots during the photo shoot. So that you have the option to pick the best one.

High-resolution photos are preferred by media outlets. Saving high-resolution photos use up memory fast is the biggest disadvantage of these photos.

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Preetika Sharma