How To Print A Coffee Table Book

Pictures are the best way of describing anything because it speaks a thousand words. Coffee-table book is a large book of illustrations. The coffee-table book must be vibrant, appealing and of high-quality. Good coffee-table book disconnects you from reality. This also refreshes your creative brain cells. If you are a creative photographer and love to capture unique photos, then you should consider publishing your table coffee book. You find that these books are placed on a coffee table in the lounge. The visitors can go through these books.


Coffee-table books are for casual reading. Colorful photos or artwork looks in these books extremely attractive. People love to read books while they are having a cup of coffee. These books contain the number of photos, quotes and don’t have long paragraphs in them. Haythem Lafhaj shares his knowledge of the coffee-table book. In this article, you get to know how to print a coffee-table book or how to create a beautiful coffee-table book.

Work on the theme

You can choose the theme of your interest such as wildlife photography, distinctive portraits, interior designs and so on. Coffee-table book contains a variety of pictures, and these pictures are placed together chronologically. This is a great way of grabbing the attention of the readers. Always put your content on various social media platforms because this will help you to get feedback from the audience. This also analyses the response towards your work.

Design and layout

It is important to interact with publishers. Keep an outline of your photographic project in mind. Also, discuss the specific format with the design and layout team of the publisher. Convert your images into the right format. Don’t forget about the resolution, color and contrast balance in the print versions because pictures look great on the computer. Your photographs must be of superior quality to create striking photos.



Publishing methods

You can publish your books by certain methods such as opt for traditional housing and try self-publishing. Good services are provided or offered by traditional book publishers but usually at high costs. Self-publishing involves lower overhead costs.

Cost-effective approaches

Choose your paper wisely because the look is important for any coffee-table book. Keep quality, the standard size of paper in your mind. Colorful high-quality images are more expensive as compared to black-and-white photographs. If you don’t want all the photographs in black and white, then you can print out some photos in black and white to balance out the costs. Remember one thing, don’t compromise on a good designer. You can also get inspiration from other artists to make an amazing coffee-table book.

I hope this article will help you to create an amazing coffee-table book. If you like this article, please share your thoughts in the comment section.


Preetika Sharma