How To Do Levitation Photography

Levitation photography is also called as gravity-defying photography. Levitation photography looks difficult but when you look at levitation images, they are magical. Levitation photography can be a lot of fun. In this type of photography, when you see the pictures, it looks like people are flying or floating in the air. This also shows the creativity of the photographer. This creative work makes your pictures look abstract and awesome. To produce levitation images, you should know how to combine two visual elements to create one final image. Using software like photoshop is an important editing tool to create levitating images.

Hyathem Lafhaj shared some tips and tricks that help you to do levitation photography properly. If you follow these tips, then you find out that this kind of photography is quite simple.


Levitation photography is amazing and to create a levitation photograph you must have a camera, model, a tripod, props such as a stool, chair, or ladder, etc.

Tripod is the important equipment for your camera stability. Don’t forget about the focus, set your focus and then switch to manual focus.


You have to shoot from a low angle, so that if you shoot your subject from a low perspective than it gives the illusion that your subject is high in the air. Make sure that you shoot in line with the top of the prop your model is on.

Plan the shoot

It is important to make a plan before starting your shoot. You have to think about every possibility and what you need in the end. You have to decide your location, lighting, props and so on.

Selection of outfit

Outfit also an important part of your shoot because it can make or break a levitation image. Avoid a jacket or sweater. Wear solid-color clothing instead of prints and patterns. If you want feminine levitation shots than wear long dresses, skirts, etc.

Create one image by taking multiple shots

Levitation photography is the composition of two or more frames. You have to take two photos- the empty background and model in that background to make the one final image.

After the shoot, editing is the next step in which you have to put the images together. Lightroom and Photoshop are the best software that you can use to create a final image.

Creating a levitation photograph is fun, and if you never try this, then give it a try. It’s demand increasing day by day because this type of photography can create amazing and magical photographs. I hope these tips will help you to create a great levitation photograph. I hope you like this topic. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

Preetika Sharma