Gear Talk: Last 10 New Things Photographers Can Buy/Use

Buying the right gear in your budget is important. As a photographer, you like to buy new equipment or camera gear. You always want to buy the thing that helps to create something stunning and unique. Make sure that you invest the money on the right thing.

In this article, Haythem Lafhaj shares the list of 10 things that photographers can buy or use. 

  1. Flash Transmitter

If you have a good budget then buy this gear because it gives a professional look to your photos. Keep experiment with a flashlight because it can create some nice effects. Flash transmitter works well, change in the transmitter can also change the external flash. If the flash transmitter is out of your budget then the sync cord is also a good option.

        2. Remote

To avoid camera shake, this is the best thing you can use during the shoot. Remote is the best camera accessory to ensure the best images. When you adjust your camera to long exposure then the slightest movement can result in less sharp images. So if want great photographs then use this accessory. Keep in mind that different remotes for different cameras.

3. Powerbank

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a smartphone or a camera. It is necessary to have some external power. It can charge anything that requires a USB connection. The advantages of power banks are super durable, lightweight and high-speed charging rates. It is one of the most essential camera accessories for an outdoor shoot.

4. Grey Card

It is a great camera accessory for accurate results. It helps to get the right white balance. You can take it anywhere and they are easy to use. It is also helpful in giving great effects to your photos.

5. Extra Batteries

You get just one battery with your new camera. During the outdoor and indoor shoot, you need extra batteries because shooting for long periods can drain your batteries. 

6. Memory Card Reader

 If you want fast transferring of photos from the camera then you need to buy a memory card reader. It is one of the best accessories because you can take more photos and save more time.

7. External Hard Drive

If you want separate back-ups of your photos then import them into the external hard drive and computer. Photos in external hard drive will not take up room on your laptop.

8. Photo Software

Post-processing is an essential step after the shoot. To make a stunning picture, you need a post-processing software like Lightroom and photoshop. The best thing about this software is that you can use them as a library to keep all images in the same place and this allows you to find images super fast.

9. Bag

One of the most essential accessories because it is used to carry your equipment comfortably. The benefits of camera bags are great usability and storage.

10. Lens Filters

To protect from damage, you have to buy a lens filter. It comes in all sizes and shapes. Polarising filters used for landscape photography. This is also a great accessory.

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Preetika Sharma