Artistic Versus Technical Photography

Photography is a mix of many disciplines. It includes the creative component as well as the technical component. Our brain associated with both technical as well as artistic thinking. Technical photographer concerned about the precision and sharpness in creating an image whereas artistic photographer will rely more on distinct.

Technically perfect photographers are the sharpest images you have ever seen. There are thousands of photos that are well processed and photoshopped. There are also many photos when we see them they look artificial, cold, emotionless and lack of authenticity.

Haythem Lafhaj is an amazing photographer in the USA. He is here to explain the difference between two basic types of photography: Technical photography and artistic photography.

Technical Photography

Technical perfection is an important part of photography. You required a good quality camera for an amazing photograph. Learning its scientific approach to photography will help you to create a wonderful image. Technical aspects of photography are enjoyed by the technical photographer. They have an understanding of the science of light and optics. In digital photography, it is essential that you have a knowledge of computers, photo editing programs, etc.  Technical photographers are a logical, analytical and realistic thinker. They pay full attention to every detail of the image and for them authority matters. They focus on sharp photos, white balance, shadows, and highlights. Their photo archive is well- organized.

Artistic photography

Artistic photographers differ totally from a technical photographer. In this type of photography, you have to make creative decisions. Artistic photographers are not architects of technically perfect images. They don’t involve in technical or scientific aspects of photography. They see photography s art. These photographers are more interested in creativity, innovation, and experimentation. They like the images that are emotional, unusual, shocking, based on fantasy and so on. Blurry, strangely colored and shadow give cool effects to the photo.  They just follow their instinct.

Preetika Sharma